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What is Exchange?

Exchange involves men and women who want to make our country a better place for all. You can visit the National Exchange Club by clicking here.

Well then, what do you "exchange?"

We “exchange” ideas about making our communities better places to live and work.  That turns into doing philanthropic things with the money we raise.

What about dues?

Our Membership Dues amount is $150.00 per quarter, and includes lunch at each weekly meeting.

I heard you have great parties! Are you primarily social or service-oriented?

We do have a good time and enjoy socializing, but we do philanthropic work. Thousands of dollars in charitable funds are distributed in our community every year.

How much would I have to do?

We would like you to attend our meetings regularly, serve on one or two of our committees, and volunteer for our fund-raisers.

I'm really busy and I don't have a lot of extra time.

Then you're probably the kind of person we would want in the Club. You know the saying, "If you want to get something done, ask a busy person."

What's in it for me?

The satisfaction of making a difference in the community. You decide what you want to put into the Club. Those who decide to get involved really get hooked. It's very satisfying when you're helping others, especially kids. You see, our primary goal is all about preventing any abuse of kids!

Do I have to go to a bunch of meetings?

You don't have to go, but you'll want to. We have one meeting per week that includes a great lunch and a program. Sometimes, we even take a "field trip." We have fun!

How soon can I join?

How about right now? We'll even pick up the tab for lunch at your first meeting! How's that for a deal?

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